Denver is commonly known as a mile high city because of its location at 5280 feet above the sea level. Denver is an ancient city that has been rocking since the 1850s to date. Denver is an attractive city with a wide range of attractions such as Denver Botanic Gardens, Denver Art Museum and Coors Field. Car rental downtown Denver are more likely to earn a lot of income from the large number of tourists visiting the city on an annual basis.

There are several tourist attractions that are highly rated in Denver. They include:

Denver Botanic Gardens

The gardens are among the largest gardens in the United States. They were laid out in the late1950s and they occupy about 23 acres. They are located next to Cheesman Park. They display a wide range of global plants. The Denver Botanic Garden comprises of 43 individual gardens which are laid out as formal gardens or within a natural landscape. The gardens are mainly focused on environmental sustainability and preservation of plants through responsible practises. They also host various events such as concerts during the year.

Denver Art Museum

The museum is vastly endowed with art collections from various origins such as America, Asia, Europe and Africa. It also contains remodelled impressive galleries that cover a wide range of cultures from various societies in Canada and the United States. The museum contains art of over 2000 years which has lured more tourists into visiting it. The museum also provides a platform for emerging talent. It has a contemporary collection of modern art with names of the photographers and artists featuring on their collections.

Coors Field

It is a stadium that was opened in 1995 with the ability to host a capacity of about 50200 people. The stadium provides a better platform for individuals to view the Rocky Mountains. The stadium also organizes and facilities tours during the year which gives various individuals the ability to learn more about the stadium and visit various attractions within its location.

Denver Zoo

It’s a well laid out and beautiful zoo that has different species well enclosed within it. The species range from monkeys to polar bears. The zoo came into existence in the late 1800s and it was updated in the 1990s to include newer exhibitions such as Tropical Discovery, Predator Ridge and Primate Panorama. The management of the zoo is committed towards modernizing it.

Denver has a wide range of tourist attractions. Tourists tend to be attracted towards visiting the city because it has a variety of attractions. Car rental Denver airport could capitalize on the availability of more tourists visiting the city to make huge profits.