Famous Actors Who Are Only Called to Act in Average Movies

Famous Actors Who Are Only Called to Act in Average Movies post thumbnail image

Is it difficult to restore a reputation after filming a second-rate movie? As it turned out, very much. After the sensational films, these actors were taken anywhere, but they did not choose the best options.

Will these actors be able to change their attitude towards themselves, or will they continue to star in low-quality projects?

Demi Moore

For the sake of the film Striptease Demi decided on plastic surgery and worked hard on fitness, but the movie was not worth the candle. As a result, the picture was awarded six figurines of the Golden Raspberry anti-award and criticized to smithereens. After Moore’s business went uphill thanks to the main role in the film “GI Jane”, but she never returned to the impeccable reputation of the 80s and 90s.

Taylor Lautner

Famous Actors

Taylor’s failure was in the “bad performance” in the film The Chase. Critics immediately threw tomatoes at the werewolf from Twilight, so much so that the guy still cannot wash off. All attempts by Lautner to rectify the situation end in vain, and his films Tracers and The Ridiculous Six only added fuel to the fire. This is not a movie you will watch after playing in the 20Bet APK.

Brendan Fraser

Brendan’s reputation was first created and then crippled by The Mummy. The actor looked great in the first two parts, but the third was so criticised that Fraser immediately went down from the star Olympus. Which, by the way, he still cannot climb.

Nicolas Cage

Thanks to the movie The Wicker Man and the indefatigable facial expressions of Nicholas, a number of memes were made on him, which still roam the Internet. This failure was remembered by many, but it cannot be compared with the loss of reputation after the movie Drive Angry – the film did not even manage to recoup the production costs, and the creators did not earn anything.

Kristin Kreuk

The main role in the film Stree Fighter was a turning point for the actress. Critics found a problem both in the script and in the acting of the girl, filled with clichés and uncertain body movements. Will she be able to recover? Time will tell. 

Taylor Kitsch

Taylor is always invited to the main roles, however, in a second-rate movie. The reason is the unconvincing performance of the actor. This has been the case with all the films that have been made since Friday Night Lights.

Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler

Adam was successful, and most importantly, a highly paid actor. But after Sandler took up producing activities and starred in his own film, his success came to an end.

Lindsay Lohan.

Thanks to the film I Know Who Killed Me, critics doubted that Lohan could be called a real actress. Producers who do not invite Lindsey to successful films also doubt this – she continues to be content with second-rate movies.

Eddie Murphy

The comedy Norbit did not bring Eddie “Oscar” and “Golden Globe”, but provided three statuettes of “Golden Raspberry”. There were too many below-the-belt jokes in the film, and the script wanted to be burned. Eddie’s mistake has not yet been forgiven: neither the audience, the critics, nor the producers.

Orlando Bloom

If you are looking for an answer to the question of what film ruined Orlando’s career, it will be on the surface – this is the boring tragicomedy Elizabethtown. The films The Musketeers and The Renegade helped to rehabilitate, but this is not enough. Bloom needs to keep working on his taste.

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