Find out once and for all what Dutching means in sports betting!

Find out once and for all what Dutching means in sports betting! post thumbnail image

The world of sports betting has several terms of its own, in which some beginners may get confused, but when they get to know them, they start to use them and even understand some strategies better.

The term that we will address is Dutching, which is a system, or strategy, of betting that aims to cover the largest possible number of chances of winning a match.

To get to this action is necessary to add up well the risks and calculate if you will really get profit.

In this way, the bettor chooses some options of entries with high probability, dividing in a way that he gets to the profit with the hit in any of them.

Dutching ends up being the opposite of Bookmaking, another betting strategy.

In the future we will make an approach to the term “Bookmaking”, but for you to better understand the context of Dutching, in Bookmaking the bets are focused on unlikely situations, those that are considered “zebras”, compensating the investments with higher odds values.

Returning to the Dutching strategy, Dutching became famous in horse racing, with many punters using a system of combinations of outcomes to ensure that their bets were certain, even with lower amounts of compensation.

In this form of betting the aim is to win. The “zebras” are excluded, selecting only the favourites and calculating bet values that bring a return, however small.

We can consider that Dutching is a betting strategy for conservative players, who do not admit that the values of their bets run high risks of loss.

This characteristic brought this betting strategy to other sports such as football, which is where we will exemplify how to make a Dutching bet.

How to place a Dutching bet on football

Dutching betting

In football, the best way to use Dutching is the exact score.

Exact scores pay out great odds value. Have you noticed?

Few people pay attention to this detail when placing their bets.

Making a good analysis of this betting option will give you the possibility to maximise your profits.

It is in this moment that the Dutching technique will help you.

We will exemplify here with a fictitious situation for you to better understand.

Imagine a situation where the most probable outcomes are

  • Score of 0 x 0 with Odd of 10
  • Score of 1 x 0 with Odd of 12.5
  • Score of 0 x 1 with Odd of 8
  • Score of 1 x 1 with Odd of 7.6

After that, it’s time to distribute the value we’re going to bet. In this example we will use 20,00 Reais, so we have to distribute it in a way that we get profit losing three and winning one bet.

On this account, the values of bets would be distributed equally, being bet 5.00 reais for each result.

If the most likely outcome occurs, the bettor will receive a profit of $23.00, which will cover the $15.00 loss on the other results.

As we have seen above, it is possible to use Dutching in football and other sports, but it requires good analysis and correct mathematics in order to reduce the risks and obtain profits.

The application of the Dutching technique is of utmost importance for those who want to organize their bets in a conscious way and not lose the value bet. Remember, having your game analysed intelligently is a great asset.

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Dutching in sports betting

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